Welcome to the SBDN's home in the Web. The mission of the Southeastern Bat Diversity Network is to conserve bats and their habitats in the southeastern United States by facilitating education, research, and management.


The annual Bat Blitz is one of our most successful programs. This event brings together biologists and land managers to gather important information on the bat fauna of a selected area. Learn more: Bat Blitz Information and FAQs.

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BatCon in collaboration with SBDN publish the CORA/MYAU Conservation Strategy.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Endangered Status for the Northern Long-eared Bat; Listing Not Warranted for Eastern Small-footed Bat. The USFWS is now looking for comments on the proposal, visit www.regulations.org and enter Docket No. FWS_FRDOC_0001-1076 in the search box. You can also download a PDF copy of the Federal Register entry.

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2014 Bat Blitz - TBA

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Link to CORA/MYAU Conservation Strategy.

2014 Abstracts and Programs from the 2014 SBDN Annual Meeting and Colloquium on Conservation of Mammals in the Southeastern US added to History Archives.